Michele Hannan studied ceramics at the National College of Art and Design. Since graduating Michele has set up her own studio in Dublin and is now based in Palmerstown ,where she creates an exclusive range of contemporary ceramics, which include One-off, Sculptural Vessels, Decorative Bowls, Wall Pieces, Awards and Presentation Pieces.

Each piece is individually handmade using slabs of white stoneware or porcelain clay, which are then manipulated and modelled. Afterwards the work is decorated combining glass and volcanic glazes.

Artist Statement

“My work is characterized by organic forms, tactile textured surfaces with soft muted hues and colours, these pieces draw their inspiration from simple forms found in nature and the abstract and rhythmical patterns created by the sea. I endeavour to capture the fluidity and simplicity of these influences in my work. When working with clay the piece evolves and grows through the process of sculpting and paring back each shape to reveal its essential form.”

Sculptural Vessels